Literature of Brothers Essay

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Chalise Washington Dr. Golar English Comp II 132-J 5 February 2012 Fiction Analysis Essay Brotherhood is a strong male bond shared between brothers, friends, and Greek organizations. It relates to a fellowship between males and their everlasting relationships. This fiction analysis is a compare and contrast of James Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues” and Louise Erdrich’s “The Red Convertible.” “Sonny Blues” is about two African American brothers, however, who fight each other over their relationship. It is told in limited first person point of view from Sonny’s older brother, a schoolteacher, with a better life than Sonny. The story explains their hardships and relationship the brothers endure throughout their lives. (Baldwin 210-230) “The Red Convertible” is told from Lyman Lamartine point of view. He describes his relationship with older brother Henry and the convertible purchased symbolized their relationship. (Erdrich 231-237) My argument informs how the setting affects the main characters and conflicts of the main characters. A strong brotherhood bonds one another better. The story of Sonny and his older brother and Lyman and Henry Lamartine are faced to overcome challenges in their lives. James Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues” The positive and negative affects the setting had on Sonny and his brother. Throughout their life, Sonny and his brother are surrounded by Harlem. Harlem has affected both brothers positively and negatively. The Harlem lifestyle effects Sonny’s destructive attitude and his impossible outlook on life due to his ongoing heroin addiction and the hardships of a young African American male. The inner city streets of Harlem have the projects, liquor stores, jazz clubs, drug addicts, violence, school, and vicious adolescents. There wasn’t any way escaping the trials and tribulations of being and African American during this time. “A teacher

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