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Discuss the poem given below. In your discussion, include the following elements and remember to try to explain the poet's reason / purpose for using the given element: a) structure (including rhyme, rhythm, movement, stanza & line arrangement; punctuation; ) b) poetic voice (who is speaking? how can you prove your idea?) c) tone (what is the subject matter of the poem and what is the speaker's attitude to it?) d) diction (are there any words that have been used for a specific reason?) e) impact (how has the poem affected you as a reader of poetry? how did the author achieve this effect?) Drifter by Robert Service God gave you guts: don't let Him down; Brace up, be worthy of His giving. The road's a rut, the sky's a frown; I know you're plumb fed up with living. Fate birches you and wry the rod ... Snap out, you fool! Don't let down God. Oh yes, you're on misfortune's shift, And weary is the row you're hoeing; You have no home, you drift and drift, Seems folks don't care the way you're going ... Well, make them care - you're not afraid: Step on the gas - you'll make the grade. Believe that God has faith in you, In you His loving light is shining; All of you that is fine and true Is part of Him, so quit your whining ... buck up, son, for your Maker's sake: Don't let Him down - give God a break. Present your answers TYPED neatly on an A4 sheet of paper. (recycled paper is fine) Remember to indicate your name, class and class number at the TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER OF THE

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