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1822 Words8 Pages JULY 2012 INTERDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY RESEARCH IN BUSINESS VOL 4, NO 3 THE IMAGE OF THE WOMAN IN ARABIC LITERATURE Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Mousa Assistant Professor Princess Alia University College Al-Balqa Applied University Abstract This paper focuses on the image of the woman in arabic literature. It includes Literature review from different studies. It includes Quran's role in Arabic literature, women in the PreIslam Era and the Islamic View of Women. Keywords: Image ; Woman ; Arabic Literature Introduction The Quran, the primary document of the Islamic faith, is the first Arabic book. Its style, at once vigorous, allusive, and concise, deeply influenced later compositions in Arabic, as it continues to color the mode of expression of native speakers of Arabic, Christian as well as Muslim, both in writing and in conversation. The Quran also largely determined the course of Arabic literature. the earliest Arabic prose came into being not from literary motives, but to serve religious and practical needs, above all the need to fully understand the Islamic revelation and the circumstances of the first Muslim community in the Hijaz. The sayings and actions of the Prophet and his Companions were collected and preserved, at first by memory and then by writing, to be finally collected and arranged by such men as al-Bukhari and Muslim in the ninth century. This material, the hadith, not only provided the basic texts from which Islamic law was elaborated, but also formed the raw material for historians of the early Muslim community. During Umayyad times, a number of historians wrote monographs on specific historical, legal, and religious questions and in each case these authors seem to have adhered to the hadith method of composition. Although few of the works of these writers have survived in their entirety, enough has been

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