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Kendall Bowman 10th grade Honors Literature November 18, 2013 Antony and Kennedy’s Speeches Antony gave his speech to tell the people that he was a friend to Caesar. He gave this speech at Caesar’s funeral. The people’s hearts were heavy at the death of Caesar. At this point, they would believe anything they were told so he used this to his advantage. His persona was to portray himself as the average man so the people could easily relate to him. His main goal in this speech was to motivate the people into starting a war. He wanted to emphasize that if Caesar was still alive that they would all be slaves. In Robert Kennedy’s speech, he was having to break the news of Martin Luther King’s death to an audience of African Americans. He used some of his personal experiences to connect with the people. He said that the country needed to move in a direction in which black and white people could live together in a peaceful manner. He also stated that both parties should focus on love, not hate. Kennedy’s speech was meant to get everyone to come together. He did not believe the races should be divided. He wanted them to be as one in a time of crisis. These two speeches were very different. Antony’s speech was intended to incite a war and to have everyone angry. Kennedy’s speech was meant to bring the people together. Both of these speeches were given after the death of an important person. The people carried different opinions and feelings away from these speeches. Antony thought Caesar’s death was a way to cause trouble. Kennedy’s speech was intended to bring calmness to the country after a terrible loss. I think Kennedy’s speech was more effective because Martin Luther King Jr. was such a great role model and leader for the African American people. He had so many followers, and his assasination devastated the country. The

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