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Literature Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on November 20, 2013
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According to Collins Dictionary, literature is a written material such as poetry, novels, essays, etc, especially works of imagination characterized by excellence of style and expression and by themes of general or enduring interest. Although it is physically written in words, these words may come alive in the imagination of mind, and its ability to comprehend the complexity or simplicity of the text. A country's literature also tells us about its civilization in a form other than straight fact. Literature is usually one person's description of a situation told through their own personal feelings and experiences; eyewitness testimony to historical events that we were not seen.
As a Filipino, it is important to study the literature of your own country. In doing so you are not only learning about the historical aspects of your land, but you are also keeping alive the thoughts, beliefs and cultural variations of your ancestors that differentiate your country from the rest of the world. But as an accountancy student, what is the importance of Philippine Literature to my course?
At first, we can say that literature has nothing to do with accountancy because we know that literature is more on words while accountancy is more on numbers, equation and money. Aside from the fact that they are both subjects taken in college, there are a lot of things common to them. Accounting is not only about computing the amounts of a transaction, it also needs analysis. In that point, the significance of literature takes place. The stories in literature give us lessons about analyzing a problem and choosing the right decision to it. It also enables us not only to improve our analysis but also to give as focus and concentration in whatever we do.
Another significance of literature is that it serves as past time for students. Taking accountancy doesn’t mean we need to focus on our studies to survive this course. We must not forget that we also need time to relax because our mind tends...

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