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Grandmother (by Sameeneh Shirazie) Tone: The tone is the attitude or emotions expressed by the speaker in the poem. The speaker feels regret, guilt and sorrow for taking her grandmother for granted. It’s a tone of regret, of guilt, of sorrow. If we read the poem again, we can also find a tender tone, a caring tone, a loving tone and a relieved tone. Theme: The theme is the subject of the poem. The poem is about the relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter. It's about family ties. The speaker: A girl or a young woman who describes an ordinary or routine short meeting with her grandmother. The grandmother is a tired woman as a result of the housework she does. She wants to share her thoughts and feelings with someone. Background: The poet Sameeneh Shirazie is originally from Pakistan. She loved and admired her grandmother, and her grandmother was an important figure for her when she was a young girl. Shirazie also lived in Australia and the Middle East. The subject of much of her poetry is about change, love and family. Today she works at the Royal University for Women in Bahrain. HOTS: Distinguishing different perspectives/points of view – Different people see things differently. The ability to identify points of view is called "distinguishing different perspectives". The way the granddaughter sees her grandmother changes in the poem. In the beginning, she doesn't think she should dedicate a long time to her grandmother. She takes her grandmother for granted. In the end, she realizes that her grandmother is a human being who needs to be listened to and have her feelings and thoughts shared with. She shouldn't take her grandmother for granted anymore. She should respect and appreciate her grandmother. Analysis and interpretation The granddaughter doesn't plan a long conversation with her grandmother. When she asks her grandmother

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