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1- Romeo confides his love for Juliet 14- Which event happened first? to - Romeo confesses his love for Juliet to - Friar Lawrence Friar Lawrence 2- Before taking the sleeping drug, Juliet fears - She will wake up too soon 3- Juliet kills herself with - Romeo's dagger 4- Mercutio wants Romeo to go to the Capulet's feast to - Forget about Rosaline 5- The druggist sells Romeo the poison because - He needs the money 6- Romeo orders Balthasar to deliver a letter to - Friar Lawrence 7- Romeo hates his own name because - His name is Juliet's "enemy." 8- Who challenges Romeo in a letter? - Tybalt 9- William Shakespeare wrote most of his plays and sonnets in what rhyming pattern? - Iambic pentameter 10- Whom does Juliet see at Friar Lawrence’s cell? - Paris 11- Who is Romeo's most trusted adviser? - Friar Lawrence 12- All of the following prove that Romeo and Juliet are "star-crossed lovers" EXCEPT - Their families have always hated each other 13- Romeo and Juliet is considered - A tragedy 26- What is Wang Lung's initial assessment of O-lan? 15- The conflict between Romeo and Tybalt is best categorized as - Internal - She is plain 27- When does O-lan tell Wang Lung she is pregnant? - While working in the field with him 28- Why does Wang Lung buy eggs and sugar? 16- The feud between the Montagues - To celebrate the birth of his firstborn and the Capulets can be best described as 29- Where does Wang Lung hide the extra money he makes that first - An external conflict year? 17- Friar Lawrence makes a deadly mistake when he - Urges the two lovers to marry without telling their parents 18- The important lesson that the deaths of Romeo and Juliet teach their families is that - Feuds are a waste of human life 19- Who is the first to die? - Mercutio 20- The nurse servant is - Peter - Because Lotus asked him to 21- The two members of the Prince's family to die were II. Answer

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