Literature Essay

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What is literature? Most people when they are baffled with a new word or term while reading or hear it something new , they will to the to search for the meaning. It is not necessary has to be complicated or new term, sometime there are term we use it everyday in our life but we can't define it or explain it. Some terms are obvious, some others are complicated but can be figured and other ambiguous, doesn't has a specific meaning and it change with time. Well we can consider literature as one of the ambiguous term. why? Lets go through the science field. A lesson most kids learned in physic is the matter. Matter can be defined as anything has mass and takes up space. It’s a substance or an object you can aim at, something you can see it and you can aim at it and say this is so-and-so. Also, there are other terms that we can see but we can't define it or explain it because of many reason. Now lets back to the literature field, as an example for literature we might think its just a novel, poetry or painting and that is the most commonly known for people who would define literature directly from their background. Well literature is completely more then just something you can aim at. It could be feelings, thoughts and morality. In the general dictionaries like oxford advanced learner's dictionary literature is defined as " pieces of writing that are valued as works of art, especially novel, plays and poems ( in contrast to technical books, newspaper, magazine, etc.) and oxford English dictionary define it as " writing which has claim to consideration on the ground of beauty of form or emotional effect" . there are many definition for the term literature and those previous definitions are totally true, but are these definition enough, solid and comprehensive? Can't we look for something more specific to brief the term literature, If we search for

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