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Difficulties, today that means one can’t find something or maybe someone is having car troubles, but to the people of the new world the word meant something entirely different. Whether it’s a slave or a Native American, these people went through difficulties we cannot imagine. The Native Americans, European explorers, African slaves, and Puritans all had troubles coping with their new worlds. These people of the new world faced several difficulties and to over come them they used literature to express these difficulties and to persuade others to come together and get through these hard times. The Native Americans are one of the first to go through the difficulties. They were already here in the Americas and then came the people of Europe to their world. So they faced the difficulties of meeting these new men and women and not knowing what was to come from them. The Europeans gave the Natives hard times and caused much grief for them. They killed their families and took their land. To make matters worse, they didn’t know what was happening to them, how it was being done, or who these people were. Also the new technology that was brought was very foreign to them, causing much confusion. Confusion was plentiful for these natives, not knowing what this earth was, the sun, the sky, even where they came from, along with many other things. They had no idea of what these things were so they had to find a way to discover answers to these. To explain the beginnings of these certain things in life such as the earth or animals, they created origin myths to pass down to future generations. One origin myth was by the Onondaga Tribe. They created a way to explain the coming of earth, basically they said that an animal brought up a piece of earth from deep within the ocean and placed it on a turtles back. From the turtles back, the piece grew and grew, until it became the earth

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