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UNIT 1 LESSON 1: KEY QUESTION 1 (a): {I was unable to write in one paragraph so I wrote it in multiple paragraphs and gave it a shape of essay. I hope it is right} There are three different strategies which can be applied when we have to read anything. These strategies are before reading strategy, during reading strategy and after reading strategy. I applied these strategies on the text and discussed in the following essay. Before reading this short story my purpose is that I will use the knowledge and understanding from it to answer the key questions and apply reading strategies on it.I will read this text slowly and carefully, during which I will jot down notes and underline important key points to remember. Before reading I have some information about this text. I know this is a short story and from its tittle “The rocking horse rider” I can conclude that it is about a rocking horse or may be a rocking horse is used as a metaphor which must be representing something. The strange thing is that how a rocking horse can be a winner? During reading I concentrated on the layout of the story and made connections with it. This short story consists of series of long paragraphs providing important details. The italic phrase “There must be more money! There must be more money!” grabbed my attention and is given emphasis by the author showing parents intense desire to acquire more money. This story reminds me that when the lust for money takes birth in a person’s he never gets satisfied for what he have always wants more. This evil desire greatly affects family members like Hester’s desire for more money was affecting his son Paul. He was deprived of her mother’s love and affection. Although the parents had enough money to fulfill the basic needs of life but in order to maintain social status and modern life time there demand was always increasing and so

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