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Why Is Literature Important? If you're the parent of a teenager pouting her way through high school English, she may be asking you why she needs to take literature classes. Teenagers today get much of their news, information, and social fulfillment online in short paragraphs and 140-character text messages, so they may find it onerous to read works of great literature that can run 500 pages or more. However, literature has been important for all of recorded history, and continues to be relevant today for several reasons. Importance of Literature Literature gives us insight into the human condition: the commonality of events that occur in our lives; emotions that we all feel; and the things that give our existence meaning. In addition to making us think about human experiences, literature provokes emotional responses in us and can provide catharsis. Literature also gives us a shared vocabulary of stories that we can use as a frame of reference when discussing our own experiences and those of others. Literature provides more mundane benefits, as well. Reading well-written books can help us learn how to write a good story, teach us new vocabulary, and even offer examples of correct spelling and punctuation. Social historians can also learn about everyday life from descriptions of objects, practices, and events in literature. Realistic portrayals of gritty or unpleasant events in literature have often gotten great works banned. Ads by Google CBSE: Class VI to X. - Learn CBSE Math/Science Syllabus. From Home. Register NOW! Teaching Kids to Values - Top ten ways to teach values to your kids. - Huge Selection and Amazing Prices. Free Home Delivery - Above Rs.200 Defining Literature Although the word literature can refer to any creative writing, we usually consider

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