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Eng. 102 – Midterm 10/25/11 Literature has helped humans of different time periods, backgrounds and regions connect with one another for centuries. As human beings, we have a natural need for the passing on and receiving of information in one form or another. Within writing, we have the power to express ourselves and paint a mental picture that may not be depicted better in any other way. The endless scope of expression through literature and the uniqueness of how we structure our words may create imagery that is vivid yet remains open for interpretation by the reader. Through literature, change and growth are encouraged. It forces the reader to look at given situations from other points of view that may never be considered otherwise. Reading based in various cultural settings allows us to see the world through the eyes of others and in turn decreases the cultural divide of those who are totally unfamiliar with one another. Seeing life through a different lens presents the opportunity to relate to others based on things other than overlying differences in culture, ethnicity, religion, race, class or status that so often cloud our outlook on life and how we view others. This increased awareness of others can serve as a reminder of humanity and the fact that we are all alike, despite being often alienated from one another. Writing is also valuable from a historical context. Since the beginning of recorded literature, it has been referred back to and used to represent periods of time and ways of thinking. To this day, we still use literature from centuries ago as a reference of context. When looking in retrospect as well as in regard to the future, it is safe to say that literature not only describes reality, but it adds to it. (C.W. Lewis) Ideas are contagious, so when one piece of literature and its ideas are absorbed into the minds of certain

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