Literary Texts and Gender and Racial Problems

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From the very first time they were brought to American till the abolition of the bonds and manacles of slavery, the American blacks went through a hard struggle for equality and pursuits to emancipate themselves from segregation and agonies that engrave their history with pains and sufferings. Men and women , alike , were savagely discriminated and subjected to different kinds of abuse and offensive wrongdoings of the hardhearted owners of plantations who exploited the American Blacks to the extent they violently dehumanized and intently deprived them from the simplest right a human being could benefit from. All these hardships and mistreatment threw their light and influential impacts on the whole panorama of the black community and culturally affected it to the welfare of the Blacks. From the womb of anguish and yoke of oppression, men and women started their everlasting struggle to seek their own liberation and fought all kinds of gender and racial segregation through literary texts and works which vehemently let cries in the face of dehumanization and tyranny and call for reformation. Gender and racial problems call for a social critical attention because they pervade and permeate society and form predominant burning issues in the contemporary global scene. Literary texts serve as mouth pieces of current social issues of which gender and racial issues are most pronounced. Feminist literary criticism scrutinizes these texts to explore biased and gross misrepresentation of women in the social and racial context. Authors of literary texts have been trying to pay their great attention to issues of gender and racial segregation in their works they debated the problems of these two predominant and pervasive issues and are finding that female slaves faced extra burdens and even more challenges than did some male

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