Literary Essay on the Secret Life Og Walter Mitty

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Who is the real Walter Mitty? Who is Walter Mitty? He is the main character in James Thurber’s short story “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” but it’s hard to tell just who he is. Mitty is a brave naval pilot and a great surgeon; he is a trial witness who gets the better of the District Attorney; he is an army captain in World War II; he is a prisoner nobly refusing to wear a blindfold for his execution; and he is a harried husband worrying about buying puppy biscuits. Put them all together, however, and there are two sharply contrasting Walter Mittys: a fantasy Mitty and a real Mitty. By showing these two sides of Walter Mitty’s character, the author suggests that there are two sides to life: what a person dreams of being and who a person actually is. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty takes us through Walter’s mind as he daydreams about adventures he only dreams of enchanting. His wife, Mrs. Mitty, is an assertive woman who runs Walter's life. Walter has nearly no identity other than what Mrs. Mitty will allow. Walter daydreams of being in other situations to escape the all the things in life and make up he's own. Dreams such as a pilot in a battle get him into trouble with Mrs. Mitty. She claims he is driving too fast and lectures him for it. If Walter had his own identity and controlled his own life, long ago he would have told Mrs. Mitty back off that he know what he is doing. He is the way he is because the people around him are always controlling he’s way of acting or doing certain kinds of things. Walter is a little kid in mind stuck in an old boy. Mrs. Mitty is always criticizing the way he acts and he’s errors and Walter is always imagining things instead of being concentrated in the real world. The story shows that Walter Mitty is a really stubborn person. When he was dropping off Mrs. Mitty, Mrs. Mitty told Walter Mitty not to forget the overshoes he was

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