Literary Elements In The Crucible

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The Crucible There are many conditions that inspired Arthur Miller to write THE CRUCIBLE. A crucible is a severe test or situation where concentrated forces interact to cause or influence change. Arthur Miller used three basic ingredients for turmoil that have fueled many modern conflicts. THE CRUCIBLE underscores the magnitude of ideological insecurity, economic self-interests, and personal indiscretion in influencing social upheaval. Those three things play a crucial role in the plot and themes in the play. One major characteristic used in the play describes the magnitude of ideological insecurity which means the fear of the Devil. The Devil provokes an abundance of fear in THE CRUCIBLE. THE CRUCIBLE is set in…show more content…
Many people were jealous of each other and wanted what others had. A person being accused as a witch has to forfeit their property to their accuser. Everyone would believe the accusation was true so you it was an easy to gain land. Because of that, Giles states that Mr. Putnam is killing his neighbors for their land. Also, Abby accuses Mrs. Proctor of witchcraft for her own self-interest. She wanted Mrs. Proctor to be killed so she could have Mr. Proctor to herself. Lastly, Arthur Miller underscores the magnitude of personal indiscretion in influencing social upheaval. During the witch trials, people were afraid of their own sins being exposed and they tried anything they could to keep it a secret. John Proctor tried to keep his affair with Abigail from the court as long as possible until he pretty much had to break down and confess it. But instead of Abigail and the witch trials being exposed as a lie, Proctor is called a liar and then accused of witchcraft by the court. His sins being exposed destroyed him. THE CRUCIBLE is an excellent play that combines three basic ingredients for chaos. There wouldn't be any chaos without ideological insecurity, economic self-interest, and personal indiscretion throughout the characters. Arthur Miller uses them in a way to show what life was like in Massachusetts and how the Salem Witch Trials

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