Literary Devices Essay

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Setting: The setting of a story can be seen as the stage upon which the characters interact and develop. The costumes, the colours, the music and lighting, the sound effects, the backdrop and props that give a story ambience and form, are all aspects of setting in a play. A story's setting functions similarly to give substance to a story. There are three main aspects of setting that work together to create mood and work together to help communicate message. PLACE : Where the action takes place. It can be very complex or very simple. It can encompass a large space of varying locations, or be confined within one single space. The place includes the physical location, the locale in which that location is found, and the dominant weather conditions permeating the story. TIME: When the story unfolds. Can deal with mere moments in time or centuries. Can include the historic period, the season of year, and time of day. The length of the story's duration is also a key in understanding the character and plot development. CIRCUMSTANCES: The background into which the characters are thrust. May include things like: the economic conditions, the political climate, environmental pressures, relationship history and stresses, technological level, societal influences, and a variety of other issues that fill out and shape the reason the story transpires. Analyzing the Setting of the story gives information about what the main character is really up against. It helps a reader to understand why a character behaves the way they do. It also shows readers how an author can transport an audience to a new location, drawing them in, and showing them something of meaning. PLOT: A series of connected events which are brought to some kind of conclusion. They are connected by CONFLICT and can be called Conflict Lines. CONFLICT: The main character faces certain obstacles

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