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Literary Critique Essay

  • Submitted by: elayna5
  • on October 21, 2008
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Literary Critique Essay

In his novel, The Kite Runner, author Khaled Hosseini tells the story of a young man’s journey from cowardice to redemption. Amir is a young Pashtun boy living in Afghanistan raised by his father, Baba, his mother passing away when giving birth to Amir. Baba has a great friend and servant, Ali, who has a son of his own, Hassan. Both Ali and Hassan are Hazara, considered a lower class of Afghanis. Ali and Baba were extremely close, as were Amir and Hassan, leaving Amir in a bind with others by befriending Hassan. Hassan always stood up for Amir in times of need when Amir would not fight back the bullies who were harassing him. In this novel there are plenty of examples showing Amir’s cowardice, but one of the worst was Amir giving up his, and his father’s best friends to cover his guilt.
Amir has witnessed Hassan getting attacked and raped by their main bully, Assef, while Amir stands by hiding, and does absolutely nothing. This made him feel extremely guilty, therefore he wasn’t looking at Hassan anymore, and was constantly avoiding him. Every time Amir sees the many things Hassan does for him throughout the day it makes Amir sick. Amir locks himself in his room, and is constantly in a torrent of guilty thoughtd about why he was such a coward and couldn’t have stood up for his friend Hassan after all the things he does for Amir. Amir is a coward finally deciding it’s either him, or Hassan that has to go. The problem is, Baba would not allow them to ever get different servants because of his love for them. Until one day, Amir does the unthinkable because he is frightened of what he has witnessed, and did nothing about. He plants his own birthday presents, money and a watch from Baba, under Hassan’s bed, claiming that Hassan has stolen his gifts, hopefully ridding Amir of them, and somehow clearing his conscious:
They’d both been crying; I could tell from their red, puffed-up eyes. They stood before Baba, hand in hand, and I...

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