Literary Criticism Essay

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What are the video clips aiming to??!! through satellite stations, video clips reach into our homes,involve us in our dreams, reshape the way we see others and ourselves. Their goal is not to enlighten us or deepen our understanding of what surronds us . They are capitalist companies that compete with each other to make more money, and the end result, rather than enhancing our sense of beauty or improving our ability to appreciate the arts, is simply vulgarity and alienation — the flesh parade “the video clip” as a genre, with reactions to a recent figure — Sami Yusuf — who successfully presents video clips that break out the shape of a dance and a dramatic theme. most of the video clips are artless, and devoid of moral and political consciousness, the video clips of the singer Sami Yusuf, a British-born Muslim,are exactly have opposite qualities. The title track of al-Mu’allim, Yusuf’s album of Islamic songs, was introduced to the audience just before the beginning of Ramadan via FM radio stations and the popular satellite music video channel Melody Hits. Yusuf is fast becoming one of the most popular religious singers among Muslims world-wide, he is doing Islamic religious singing, called inshad . Sami Yusuf , deliberately choosing to show his videos on mainstream Arabic satellite music channels, rather than religious satellite channels such as Iqra, in order to reach out to the youth and remind them, through music, of the relevance of the Prophetic message to their everyday lives. Similarly, many people buy his album next to pop stars like Amr Diab and Sherine. A musician but not a native Arabic speaker, Yusuf’s songs blend English and Arabic lyrics with Middle Eastern rhythms and melodic themes, and his video clip al-Mu’allim talks about the praise of the Prophet Muhammad with images of a young photographer going about his daily life, working in his

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