Literary Criticism Essay

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CHAPTER 2: MORAL AND PHILOSOPHICAL CRITICISM *Moral criticism: considers how literature makes readers morally better or worse. Moral critics view the ideas in a work as one of its main sources of moral influence. *Philosophical criticism: analyzes the ideas expressed by works of literature. Philosophical critics analyze the moral values and assumptions of a work. *Philosophy has had a strong impact on literary criticsm and it becomes stronger in the 20th century. *Moral and religious concerns have been connected with literary criticism from the beginning. *Moral criticism has been ignored and misused. Then we can see revival of moral criticism. Moral or Ethical Criticism *Moral or ethical criticism investigates the effects of literature has on readers as moral beings, as beings good and evil. *Some critics: Literature is good when it helps readers become more sensitive and tolerant. *Others: Literature leads to clear-headness(akıllılık) and careful judgement. *Others: Literature is valued for its religious and spiritual influence on readers( religious criticism) *Generally, moral critics wnat to know whether a work of a literature will leave its readers better or worse than they were before. *Moral criticism :concerned with human character and behaviour. *Moral criticism: presumes to tell us what is good for us. It makes a serious attempt to understand the experience of reading in all its complexity. *As they try to understand how literature influences us, moral critics consider several possible sources of influence: plot,character,ideas,style. E.g:a moral critic’ll view a plot as having moral implications. *Poetic justice: good characters end happily and bad characters end unhappily. *But, in many works of literature, bad things happen to good people. *Literary characters may serve as positive or negative role models. *The best literature will

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