Literary Commentary of 'A Doll's House'

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In Act 1 in the play of A Doll’s House by Ibsen there’s a passage (pg. 53-55) that’s intriguing to look at because it’s the turning point of the play. In the passage Nora reveals a big secret to Mrs. Linde that she has hidden from her husband, Torvald. Her secret is that she loaned some money to pay for a vacation with Torvald. She doesn’t want Torvald to know because then his ego would go down. As one looks at this passage one can get the feeling that there is a telling the truth theme going on. In the passage one can see that Nora changes her character a little bit because she reveals her secret instead of keeping it to herself hidden from people to know. Nora lets us see the changes in her by the thing she does, the character foil, and the tone that’s used throughout the passage. Nora changes her character often including in this passage because she has many things that she has kept to herself and does not want anyone to find about them, but when she goes visit her old friend, Mrs. Linde, she told her the truth about one of them. She knows who she can trust in telling things to. She doesn’t have a well communication relationship with her husband that’s why she keeps things to herself and Torvald doesn’t know many things that she has done. She is an innocent little creature in Torvald’s eyes, but in others people’s eyes she is not. She told Mrs. Linde of her secret because maybe she realized that one day all of her secrets were going to be discovered. Throughout the play one can notice that Nora and Mrs. Linde are a character foil. Nora has a nice life with her husband and kids which Mrs. Linde doesn’t and wishes that could have a family like that. Mrs. Linde married for money to help out her family and then later her husband died. Nora married for love and now all the secrets that she has are haunting her and her marriage. I f she didn’t had many

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