Literary Anaylsis for Macbeth Essay

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Literary Analysis of Macbeth In the play Macbeth the main character, Macbeth, is only a victim of circumstance, he was caught in an act of personal greed but he was a not a bad person just some one who made bad decisions that led to his ultimate demise, not someone who had always thought of killing the king and gaining power for him self. Some critics believe that Macbeth in this play started out as a greedy person with only gaining power on his mind. Some critics believe that it was only the circumstances such as the Three Weird Sisters that caused him to become the animal that he became at the end of the play. The debate is whether Macbeth has always been this monster that we see develops through the play or whether or not he was only shaped by the events and opportunities that tempted him to do some very horrific deeds. Macbeth was a greedy person willing to make any sacrifice to gain power but only needed the right opportunity to make the mistake of giving in to his inner needs and desires. Macbeth was a monster all the time in this play he was just keeping these feelings inside. He shows his true feelings right away when he hears the prophecies of the Three Weird Sisters that he will become Thane of Cawdor then he will become king. He then immediately tells his wife, Lady Macbeth, that he will become King. This shows his true nature because he had always wanted to become a person of power and of control but has not had the opportunity to gain his success and power until he is told of the prophecy by the three weird sisters. He then goes on to commit a terrible deed by killing King Duncan. This is the eventual down fall of Macbeth as it causes him to spiral into a trail of murders including his friend Banquo and then having to lie about it, and in the beginning doing a good job of fooling everyone. In this quote from a criticism by Clifford Davidson he states

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