A Literary Analysis of Prey

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A Literary Analysis of Prey Analysis of Protagonist: The protagonist of this story is: Jack Forman Characteristics: (A) Intelligent “’New Situations,’ I said. I was feeling encouraged. If the programming assumptions still held, the swarms would be weak when reacting to genuinely new situations. In time they would learn; in time they would evolve strategies to deal with the new conditions. But initially their response would be disorganized, chaotic. That was a weakness of distributed intelligence. It was powerful, and it was flexible, but it was slow to respond to unpredictable events” (Crichton 396) (B) Courageous “Even now, I don’t know how I made it back to the laboratory building. The swarms had vanished; the wind was blowing hard. Mae was a dead weight on my shoulders, her body limp, her feet dragging over the sand. I had no energy. I was racked with spasms of coughing, which often forced me to stop. I couldn’t catch my breath. I was dizzy, disoriented. The glare of the sun had a greenish tinge and I saw spots before my eyes. Mae was coughing weakly; her breaths shallow. I had the feeling she wouldn’t survive. I trudged on putting one foot in front of the other“ (Crichton 319). (C) Funny “‘Whenever I use them, the adhesive tabs tend to pull off. And with a big load, it tends to leak out the leg, which makes extra work for me. I don’t know, I just find Huggies are higher quality.’ A woman glanced at us as she pushed past with her shopping cart. We started to laugh, thinking we must sound like were in a commercial. Ricky said loudly, ‘So hey, how about those Giants?’ to the woman’s back as she continued down the aisle. ‘Fuckin’ A, are they great or what?’ I said, scratching myself “ (Crichton 38). Analysis of Antagonist: The antagonist of this story is: the ‘Swarm’ Characteristics: (A) Intelligent “That wasn’t in the code. The
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