Literary Analysis of the Book Theif

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In The Book Thief, Zusak creates quite an interesting perspective of Death. Many people are very scared of death and will try as hard as they can to escape it. According to Zusak, this is very untrue. In The Book Thief, Death is portrayed as a kind and caring immortal thing. Zusak gives many examples of this throughout the book. Eric and Death highly support this message. Eric goes above and beyond to face death, and Death explains himself thoroughly throughout the book, that he is good. Chocolate sky is a great representation of death. It shows he has the feelings emotions and regret that every human has. Zusak shows that even Death feels emotion, regret and can change. Death actually feels and at heart is good. Eric Vandenburg understood that death was not a punishment, but a result, and that death is good. When Hans and Eric were in the army together, Eric volunteered one of his best friends Hans for life over pride when only one of the lucky men were given the option. “Life or Pride. He was clearly hoping that one of his men would have the intelligence to choose life… Still no one stepped forward, but a voice stooped out and ambled toward the sergeant. It said, ‘Huberman, Sir.’ The voice belonged to Eric Vandenburg.” (pg. 177) Eric’s bold actions of choosing pride for himself and life for Hans makes it clear that Eric was not running from Death. If Eric isn’t running from death then he is obviously not scared of death, and knows that Death is good. Whether Eric did this because Hans was his friend or something else, Eric still chose death. When the sergeant told them to pick life or death Eric certainly had something to live for. Eric had a son, wife and the love for playing the accordion. Eric may have thought that Hans had more to live for being Hans had more children than Eric. Even with everything he had to live for he still decided to walk into the open

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