Literary Analysis- Beauty

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April 29, 2013 Drama Essay English Composition II Word Count: 529 9876 NAME HERE April 29, 2013 Drama Essay English Composition II Word Count: 529 9876 Hunter McGhee Literary Analysis Beauty is written by Jane Martin and is an ironic play about two very successful women who are named Bethany and Carla. Both women are the same age, yet they are completely opposite from one another. They also have entirely different personalities and are both unhappy with their lives. Martin characterizes them this way to illustrate many themes. Bethany and Carla both experience success in beauty. Carla is a famous, “beautiful catalog model who is going to become a big time model soon after speaking with Ralph Lauren” (Martin 735). On the other hand, Bethany is the smart one who receives a $40,000 job offer straight out of college. She also publishes short stories and articles. Carla is characterized as the perfect and beautiful success story, while Bethany is characterized as the ugly screw-up. However, neither person is happy in their respective positions. Carla is always annoyed and hung by her nails in modeling. Although it is hard to notice, Carla does get annoyed with her beauty sometimes as well. She often feels like she has no privacy, and guys constantly hassle her on the street and pressure her from the beginning of a relationship. She never is able to have a long relationship. Likewise, Bethany does not see herself as a success story because she does not see herself as a “beautiful individual” they both envy each other’s success and looks. This alone shows the reader that the characters are very jealous of each other’s lives. The message hidden in this story is that people only see the bad side of their lives
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