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Dylan West Ms. Mann English 10 Honors 4April2014 Hidden Corruption Ibsen's play “An Enemy of the People” reveals many ways of how (the) corruption of power is depicted (does what?). Dr. Stockmann discovers a health hazard that tourists may have brought in last summer, but after winter he had second thoughts. The townspeople and Dr. Stockmann are debating whether to get rid of the baths or not. His studies have shown that some visitors came down with some unusual cases of typhoid and gastric fever. There may be no other way to fix it unless they shut the baths down. (too much summary without analysis to justify) Ibsen presents the idea of corruption which often lies within the majority in the play “An Enemy of the People.” Dr. Stockmann expresses his power by acting like a christ figure. He spreads a message of truth across the land about the baths being polluted. He is hounded by authorities for trying to spread that message. Then he loses his job and everyone turns against him (these sentences aren’t related to the topic sentence). He acts like Jesus Christ toward the townspeople by yelling, “I am not so forgiving as a certain person: I do not say; 'I forgive you, for ye know what ye do.' By saying that he is trying to persuade them to stop some of the health problems.The citizens are to ignorant to realize the truth because they didn't think anything would happen to their town. The only person that tries to benefit their town in anyway except Dr. Stockmann (fragment). He is the only person to act like a boss or christ figure. The power lies within the majority of the people. Everyone comes together like an angry mob to debate about the baths. They turn against Dr. Stockmann when he says the baths are a serious health hazard and the only way to fix the bath is to shut it down. Its a one in a million chance, but he is still going to try to stop it because

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