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How would it feel if the world would be gone because of the human race? It may happen due to all the creations mankind has made. Most of the creations cause pollution which increases global warming and greenhouse gases. David William and Karmin Ortiz wrote poetry about the environment and they expressed it by the tone and attitude of the poem. They expressed their feelings about environment about pollution, how it harms people, and what can people do to make a change. If people consistently pollute, then no one will see the plants and trees grow. Some may see the plants grow to its full size, but due to all environmental impacts, this may be the last time a person may see it grow. Pollution is what others do when it says, “Things won’t be like this in a year or two if polluting is all we do”(David, Line 3-4). The author is trying to say that things people see in their life is not always going to be there if they keep on polluting. Pollution causes harm to the environment, but it can damage someone personally. People may not know that polluting the environment also hurts them as well because it means not enough oxygen are producing. In developing countries, people who do not have proper care intend to die often since pollution has been increasing for a while. David speaks about the lives of many people when he says, “Thousands of people are dying in the night you hear children crying… Let’s stop the war”(David, Line 8-10). He is telling everyone that a lot of people are dying and no one is doing anything about it. He wants people to know its a war and they should stop it in order to save their lives. There are horrible things that could end up destroying the world, but there are ways to help save it. Whenever there are negative aspects to a cause, there are also positive aspects. In this case, pollution is destroying the ecosystem and others wonder what they

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