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Literary Analysis

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  • on December 3, 2013
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Maxine Hong Kingston is a famous writer. She was born October 27, 1940 in Stockton, California.
She wrote her first book called, The Woman Warrior which won the National Book Critics Circle award in the year of 1976. She then wrote a book called China Men which won the American Book award. She also wrote a book called Tripmaster Monkey, His Fake Book and Hawaii One Summer. Before she became a famous writer, she was an educator in California and in Hawaii. Her most well-known book, The Woman Warrior is about a story Maxine Hong Kingston’s mother told her when she was a teenager. The story was about her father’s sister, who committed suicide in China because she was shamed. She was shamed because the villagers assumed she had committed adultery. Her husband and other men of the family left to work in America to make money to send home. Her husband had been gone for years but yet, she became pregnant. No one asked questions. The night the baby was to arrive, the villagers came and destroyed everything the family owned, and raided the house of what wasn’t broken. They called the woman “a pig” and “ghost”. They wanted to shame her for what they thought was her wrongdoing. After the villagers left, the pregnant woman had her child in a pig sty. The next morning, Maxine Hong Kingston’s mother went out to get some water from the well. She found the aunt and her child drowned in the well. The aunt had committed suicide, and killed her newborn baby girl as well. In the Chinese culture of Kingston’s parent’s generation, the men are seen as the leaders or the head of the household, while the women are to do what the men say. In this time, women were regarded as lesser value than men. Kingston’s No Name Woman showed that her parent’s generation put down women’s worth for men, which shows many gender bias points.
An example in this story of gender bias would be how the villagers assumed that the no name woman had committed adultery. They automatically thought that she was a...

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