Literacy Narrative: My Family

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Student Name Literacy Narrative 1 My family; my mother and siblings in particular, played a large part in why I enjoy reading so much as an adult. We moved from town to a small farm house in the country when my siblings and I were all very young. We rarely watched television; my family was too poor to afford cable and seldom got any reception from using antennas. And trust me, we children did try our hardest to get a signal on TV, all we heard in school was other kids talking about the adventures of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Duck Tales, and Nickelodeon shows . We had never even watched anything on Nickelodeon, and we really wanted to see someone get doused in this mysterious green goop we kept hearing about!…show more content…
We got into these through a cousin of ours. I remember we got to go shopping in the Twin Cities with our aunt and cousin, and she brought us to Shinders, a comic book, trading card and RPG bookstore, which was like a mecca for us. We used our allowance money to purchase used game manuals for Dungeons and Dragons, Robotech, and Vampire: The Masquerade. This was quite a costly endeavor, I remember these books were not cheap, and you had to purchase special dice to play these games as well. We would pool our money together to get as many of the game manuals as possible. Now, with all the negative stigmas that are associated with these games, they do require a lot of creativity, reading and writing. The game master would be somewhat of a screenplay writer; the participants were active protagonists that could make their own decisions, thus influencing changes in the plot. I loved being the game master, I would spend hours thinking of storylines, creating towns and countries, drawing maps, and shaping non player characters. And you would have to think of stories on a whim, if one of the players roles their dice and changes the plot direction, you had to be quick to imagine a new direction for them to go! Our father thought that playing these games
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