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Popel Manev Eng 111 Literacy Narrative For a person that stutters all life long, writing is an outlet for me. Words written out smoothly and fluidly with pen and paper do not stutter aloud in front of people. Anybody who reads my writing cannot tell that I am a stutterer. That’s why I love to express my feelings by writing at a very young age. You see, my family did not understand my frustration nor did they understand my stuttering. My parents thought that it would be something that I would eventually outgrow. My siblings were different, they would laugh and make fun of me every time I’m not able to say a word without stuttering. To express my anger towards them, I would write them anger notes. I wrote in a journal daily, because when I write, I can hear myself speaking without a stutter. In school, I had a speech therapist that I saw twice a week up until middle school. She seemed to think I was improving, in truth, I would avoid the words that would give me trouble the most, even though it could be any word. I never raised my hand to answer any question even though I knew the answer. I was afraid I would be laughed at. My answer would be written down on a piece of paper that I constantly keep in front of me to write. The interesting part is, almost everyone agrees that the best way to reduce or live with one’s stuttering is by accepting it. I do accept it, but do others do? We all want to be accepted, to be part of some group or team. We all hunger to blend with one another. If this does not happen, then we are affected no matter how strong we are. Some people say they don’t care. I was one of those people. That is just something we say to make others not pity us or make us look brave and content. The truth is, it does hurt to be outside of the circle. Stutters are seen as slow, anxious, nervous, insecure, dumb people among other

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