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Literacy Narrative September 15, 2013 Many people have their own style of writing and reading. Many people also have their unique way that they have picked up that certain style of writing or reading. Throughout grade school that style for most hardly changed until they hit middle school. Then each student starts to gain their own way of writing or reading. By the time that student reaches high school it seems that with each year that goes by the student becomes a greater and more powerful reader or writer. By the time we all graduate high school we all have some way that has shaped how we read and write. My way starts off before I started kindergarten. As a young kid I grew up living with my brothers, mom, and grandparents in my grandparents household. There was always lots to do at my grandparents house with them living out in the country. And being a young boy the possibilities seemed endless! Now I’m sure you’re thinking that all I did was play outside from sun up till sun down, but that’s not all I did. My mom ( who was attending IUN for her teachers education at the time) insisted that my grandma taught me and my brother the basics of reading and writing before kindergarten came around. So that’s just what she did. Everyday around 6:00PM after dinner, my Grandma would sit me and brother down and, at first started off by teaching us our letters. Eventually after a few weeks we had our letters mastered! She then proceeded to teach us the sounds each of those letters made. Again after a few weeks we ( as in me and my brother) had the sounds of each letter down pat. I remember it to this day on how impressed my grandma was with how fast my brother and I picked up on writing the alphabet and the sounds that came with each letter. Kindergarten came around I moved through kindergarten with ease! Those numerous patient hours my Grandma had spent with us all

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