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Whitney Mendez ENC 1101-0001 March 14,2012 Literacy Narrative and Authenography Everything we know how to do now is from a learned behavior when we were young. People learn to read and write in many different ways. Some by imitation of the people around them and others learning while in school. I first learned how to read and write when I started Kindergarden, by reptition, imitation and different hands on activities. I also learned how to read and write by taking it upon myself to open books, practicing writing my name and sounding out words. I always took initiative and that payed off. My feelings about reading and writing when I became the first student in my kindergarden class to make it through the list of 100 words. I received a certificate and recognition from my school. One of my favorite memories still to date. As I got older, books captivated my attention and writing became the way I would express myself. I felt that reading and writing took me places that math and history couldn't. I loved learning facts by reading and I loved writing about what I learned. My habits for writing came when I would write about my day in a journal. I would write about my feelings, thoughts and my outlook on other things. I feel I got to where I am now as a writer through my learnings from all my English teachers. I feel that I evolved as a writer by taking standardirized tests and doing daily assignments in my classes. My writing would develop according to what class subject I was in. Now at this point I have become the writer I am through my experiences. My past experiences were rough on my emotionally and when I had no other outlet I turned to writing. Writing became my escape when I didn't want to deal with overbearing parents, an ongoing so- called relationship or just the world in general. I am the writer I am today because writing was my safe haven and I was able

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