Literacy Autobiography Essay

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Mary EN 111 February 16, 2012 Struggles and Positive Outcomes Writing is complicated. It serves many different purposes. Some individuals use it to express their feelings and others write without thinking at all. My relationship with writing is complicated and hard to describe. I’ve always enjoyed writing but it’s hard for me to put my thoughts and ideas on paper. I am extremely personable and expressive and to be able to do that effectively on paper is difficult as well. I have to remind myself, “Don’t make this harder than it is.” I have many writing experiences but only a few are worth sharing. It’s important for my audience to be able to connect and relate to what I am writing about, so they can understand the approach I am taking or leading to. Writing and Literacy pretty much go hand and hand, it’s important to have both to be a successful writer, and they especially play a leading role in some of my most memorable experiences. When I was in fifth grade, I was diagnosed with a learning disability in reading. I felt as though that was an excuse my teachers came up with because I didn’t comprehend things like other students. I would continually ask myself, “Who were they to label me as the one with the problem?” Plus, I was twelve; I was in the room when they came to this “solution” and they would talk amongst themselves about me, as if I didn’t exist. At the time, I felt like I was a case number? But in the back of my mind I was thinking they must not have much respect for themselves if they can sit there and talk about me as I sit there too. I never let this title hinder my capabilities of being a normal student, especially when it came to my education. I enjoyed school and I wanted to be successful in reading, no matter what I had to do. Throughout grade school teachers would cut my reading and writing

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