Lite Entertainment For Bored College Students By Mark Edmunson Analysis

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After reading the essay “On the uses of a Liberal Education as Lite Entertainment for Bored College Students” by Mark Edmunson, published 1997, I gained more knowledge about America’s education in universities nowadays. The essay, at first, makes me feel like an evaluation, but gradually the paper has revealed itself as a persuasive work. During my analysis of this paper I noticed a few interesting things about it: The author lays out all of his evidence first then presents his point at the end In his essay, Edmunson claimed that most students today consume their education rather than interact with it. He made a remarkable point in saying how he wanted his students to connect with him. This being said; it doesn’t mean they had to like him or dislike him for that matter, but to actually learn life skills from his class due to one on one personal connections. While using techniques from Sigmund and Freud may have been a little to out of the box for his settings, it didnt sound like such a bad idea. Edmundson also…show more content…
The consumer ethos is taking over our universities and younger generations in general. In my experience people seem to be less likely now more than ever to challenge their own mind set and actually learn anything other than what they feel like they should. I personally gather information from everything I interact with and use that information to update myself. It seems that most people are against rather than for this type of interaction. The outward attitude of “I am too busy, too important and too jaded to care.” comes across quite frequently in my interactions with people. A good example of this type of attitude shows clearly, I think, when a teacher says to their half asleep students “This will be on the test.” the students that were half asleep are now wide awake and writing. The students here are obviously not interested in learning but only in regurgitating what has been

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