Listening To Music In Sonny's Blues By James Baldwin

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Open Ended Noise We all listen to music on a regular basis. It has become part of our culture today. When we walk into a clothing store you can hear the new hip tunes blast along the loud speakers. When we call a business they will often play music when they put you on hold. Even when we are watching television there is always music behind the scenes that is captivating our emotions. Even when we hear the music are we really listening? I can walk outside right now and hear the soft melody of the musical thunderstorm, hitting the pavement with each soft drop of rain. It’s only when you listen to it can it hinder your emotions. Music is often in the background as “noise.” Something to make the store sound busier; a less awkward silence. As described in Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin. “All I know about music is that not many people every really hear it.” (p330) Do we ever go home and say, “Awe my gosh, that music playing in Hy-Vee today was so heart wrenching?” If so you might be the first. However music is not only there to make “noise.” Music can inspire us, encourage us, and even remind us of our greatest profound tragedies. That is only if we actually listen. If you let the music take control, you will find your emotions defenseless against the rhythm of your heart. Ultimately it’s not until you take the time to actually listen to what you are hearing…show more content…
Sonny is captivated by Charles Parker, Who is a famous Jazz musician. For Sonny his music has helped him stay free from drowning in his suffering. There have been studies that have shown that music with specific notes enhances activity in the frontal areas of the brain. This has been found to be a form of therapy for depression. If you open up your mind and absorb the melody, lyrics and rhythm of music. You might find that not only do you hear the music but you can listen. In doing so you quite possibly obtain that exact emotion you

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