Listening Skills in Counselling

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Evaluate the role of listening skills in the process of counselling INTRODUCTION THE PROCESS OF COUNSELLING There may be an initial period before actual counselling sessions begin where the client may be evaluated to see if counselling is the proper treatment to solve their particular issues. This assessment allows the counsellor to determine if their exacting methods of counselling will be of any help to that particular client. Assessments also give the client a view of what counselling involves and lets the counsellor see if client and counsellor can bond. In the first stage of counselling the counsellor will explain what will be included in sessions and both counsellor and client will agree on the targets the client will aim to achieve. As the client unloads their worries the counsellor listens to them using their skills to pick up on certain elements of the client’s story that will be explored to help the client understand their feelings and actions. The middle stages are where the counsellor and client can look back at what was going on in the client’s world at the beginning of sessions and see how far the client has come since, counsellor and client will recognise any progress that has been made and acknowledge and work towards any further developments in session. Sessions will end when the counsellor intuits the client has resolved their problems and no longer needs counselling to live their life. Both counsellor and client will talk over what the client has learned and how to execute the lessons in their everyday life. To identify the role of listening skills in the process of counselling the focus is on these three different listening skills Open questions Paraphrasing Requesting clarification OPEN QUESTIONS In the DVD Belonging starts with the counsellor asking Jay the client open questions, what happened in London and what she expected to

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