Listening And Decision Making Essay

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What are Listening skills, Decision making and, how do you run and effective meeting? 1)To me listening skills are not only hearing someone, it is the ability to take the words that they are saying and interpret them into a more developed thought including what exactly the other person is saying, what they hope to accomplish, and what they expect. All of these seem to be completely common sense the first time you actually think about what thinking skills are but as I try to define this I am realizing how context is particularly important in listening. In different situations individuals will have different tones, different rates at which they speak, and also a variety of individual touches to their verbal expressions that are extensions of their personality. In working with someone daily you begin to almost develop a sixth sense for what it is that they need and you can almost see the next step before they ask for that wrench or packet of papers. Working with a new individual that link has not been developed and it is important to “listen”. For this I would use the example of an individual calling on the telephone because this is the most isolated form of listening. Suppose an individual calls and has an elevated volume, talking at a fast rate, and seems adamant about establishing their ground on the topic that they have called about. This one is easily identified as anger or frustration. Now that you have identified the standing of the customer you have to learn how to react to that “voice”. Understanding how to react to the situation at hand in my opinion holds strong ties to listening skills, Because if we never listened we would never know how to react to any situation in order to make the a favorable outcome possible. 2)Decision making In my opinion is the operation of using listening skills to understand the goals of your customer and using

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