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REFLECTIVE JOURNAL 1 (1 st MEETING) “Seminar on ELT” In the first meeting, we were introduced ourselves and have a conversation between us. Besides that, we also made the deal how the tutorials were conducting. We arranged the schedule of the tutorials that will be conducted in the next meeting. The tutors gave the rules that must be obeyed by all of the tutors and members during the tutorials. The next, we were going to the material. The first material that I got from the tutorials is seminar on ELT, it was included Genre Based Approach (GBA), Reading to Learn Program (RLP), and Literature Circle (LC). At the first time I heard, it was very strange on my ear. I lack of the explanations about this material because I thought the tutor’s explanation was making sense and need more clearly. The more they explained, little by little I could got the core of this material and discuss it together with my friends. When I could not get the point of it, I really bored to follow this tutorial. Maybe because it was the first time I met the senior and learn the tutorial but in the next meeting I did not felt it again. Many knowledges I got from this material such as; Explore cultural similarities and differences related to the topic, share experience relevant to the topic or text, practice grammatical patterns relevant to the topic or text, build up and extend vocabulary relevant to the topic or text. Those all I got when I learned the GBA with the tutors and they gave me the example of it like kinds of text (procedure, narrative, descriptive etc). I enjoyed following this tutorial. The next, I should more learn in order I can easier to understand the material. REFLECTIVE JOURNAL 2 (2 nd MEETING) “Article Marriage under the Age 16” In the 2nd meeting I learned the article about marriage under the age 16th. I felt enjoyed and fun to follow the tutorial because I gained

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