Listen To Your Heart (A Justin Bieber Story) Essay

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Listen To Your Heart Your name is Sarah Smiles, your about the same hieght as justin, you have long brown hair. You were born and raised with justin bieber in stratford ontario, because your moms have been bestfriends since they were in kindergarten. You and justin are super close, and cannot live without eachother, they always have eachother’s backs.Until they fall in love a tragic accident takes place. Justin has to use a time machine to save you. ******FLASHBACK***** It’s yours and Justin’s first day of kindergarten. Patties in the bathroom blowdrying your hair.(your moms makeing breakfast downsatirs.) Justin comes around the corner into the bathroom with a black spiderman jacket, and a pair of jeans. “How does me looks?” He says popping the collars of his jacket. (your english is a bit off because your both still realy young.) You and Pattie both giggle. “You looks like a cool dude.” You say putting your thumbs up. You both giggle. Pattie takes you to yours and justin’s room, to put you in a cute outfit for your first day of kindergarten: . While she was doing that, Justin was still in the bathroom. He found some hair gel, and attempted to give himself fohawk. He came downstairs to the kitchen table, where you were already sitting waiting for him.- You guys always eat breakfast together. Kathy (your mom) comes up to Justin and puts a chocolate chip ,smiley face pancake on his plate. Justin’s eyes got wide . You chuckled. Justin had a big smile plastered on his face. (He was proud of his hair.) Pattie noticed and said " wow! Justin did you do your hair all by your self? It looks pretty cool!" Justin just put on a ‘cool’ smirk and nodded slowly to give it that ‘cool’ effect. Your mom, Pattie and yourself laughed. For the last 10 minutes of breakfast you and Justin just talked about little kid stuff.

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