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Lip-syncing Lip-syncing has been something that people have done for a long time. They lip-sync when they don’t have good voices. They lip-sync when they are sick and the concert can’t be cancelled. Many people don’t see anything wrong with this because they are still making money. Most of the time the concert goers don’t even know that it is happening. So why the big deal? Should people be allowed to lip-sync their songs? I think that lip-syncing during a live concert should not be allowed because people pay a lot of money and take time to go and see them sing in person. I do not think that there is any reason for someone famous to lip sync at a live concert. They’re doing the live concert in the first place to let people see them sing, all those people that idle them. They should not pretend to sing for their fans. Many people spend hundreds of dollars to buy shirts and memorabilia so they can show off whom they like. Then when they go and see a live concert just see their idle lip-syncing. What is with that?! These are just some of the things why I think that lip-syncing should not be allowed. Live concerts cost a lot of money. Therefore, people have to put aside enough money to go and see the concert live. So many people lip sync during live concerts. Therefore, in the end people just wasted a lot of money to listen to the same thing they have at home. Their dreams become crushed when they find out that their idle is not singing live but they were just pretending to sing on stage. Wow, that is dumb! It costs a lot of money in the first place. It’s about $50 for average seats and the really good seats could cost someone over $200. Why spend that kind of money for someone who lip-syncs when you can listen to the music in the comfort of your own home for the cost of the CD? There are people that look good and can’t sing and there are

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