Lions Led by Donkeys

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Lions Led By Donkeys In this essay, I will be looking at different sources and be using my own knowledge to decide whether lions were led by donkeys. The expression “Lions Led by Donkeys” means that brave soldiers were instructed and led to their deaths by stupid Generals. Some of these sources support the view that British soldiers in World War One were ‘led by donkeys’. Source two says that “Passchendaele was the blindest slaughter of a blind war. Haig bore the greatest responsibility.” The source was written by AJP Taylor, a well-known left-wing historian. This shows that even renowned historians agreed with the statement and thought that lions were led by donkeys. However, the fact that AJP Taylor was a left-wing historian may have influenced his opinion which makes his opinion biased which therefore questions its reliability. Also, he was not there at the time of the event so it could be biased. AJP also uses emotive words such as “slaughter” and “blind”. These words show that the purpose of the source is to persuade the reader to agree with the statement and it shows that he supported the statement himself, and was against the war. Also the fact that there were over 250,000 British casualties at Passchendaele also supports AJP Taylor’s view. Moreover, source 4 also agrees with the statement “Lions Led by Donkeys”. I think the purpose of this source is to persuade. It was written by General Rees who was one of the commanders at the Somme in 1916. He said that “hardly a man of ours got to the German front line”. The fact that he says this suggests that even Generals themselves thought that the tactics used, in this case the ‘creeping barrage’, weren’t very useful as he describes the creeping barrage in action. This source agrees with what I already know as I know from my own knowledge that the ‘creeping barrage’ wasn’t a very effective tactic and many men
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