Lions and Tigers

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Lion Tiger Class Mammalia Mammalia Order Carnivora Carnivora Family Felidae (cat) Felidae (cat) Genus Panthera Panthera Species P.leo P. tigris Weight 375-496 lbs (males) 280-396 pounds (females) 579 pounds (average male) 308 pounds (average female) Coloring coat: tan tail fur/mane:dark brown orange with brown-black stripes Speed 59 Miles Per Hour 37 miles per hour Litter size Avg. 1 - 2 Avg. 2 - 4 Binomial name Panthera Leo Panthera Tigris Conservation status Near Threatened Endangered Diet carnivore carnivore Scientific name Panthera leo Panthera tigris Distinctive feature A mane ranging in color from tan to black Stripes all over the body Habitat range Africa and india Southeast and Eastern Asia Hunting behavior Nocturnal Nocturnal - Ambushes prey Number in wild unkown 3,000 to 4,000 Teeth and Jaws 3 in. canines and heavy pressure jaws Wide mouth that has strong teeth 4 in. canines Hunting Most females hunt together night to make it harder on the prey to see them, but they will sometimes hunt in the daytime. They have three important hunting strategies; that vary based on the prey. The ambush, the blitz, and the siege. hunts alone during night (nocturnal) Avg. Meat required for food 11 - 60 lbs also 57 for large males The number of lions in the pride may vary. Tigers may consume up to 40 kg (88 pounds) of meat at one time. It is estimated that every tiger consumes about 50 deer-sized animals each year, about one per week. Main Prey Medium to large ungulates, most notably thompson's gazelle, zebra, wildebeest, impala, warthog, hartebeest, waterbuck, cape buffalo, hippo, rhino, giraffe, and elephants. Large animals such as deer, buffalo and wild pigs, but they will also hunt fish, monkeys, birds, reptiles and sometimes even baby elephants. Occasionally, tigers kill leopards, bears and other tigers.They also hunt Gaur and Indian Rhinos.

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