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Genus Project I have analyzed the Panthera leo also known as the lion. Its taxonomy is as follows: Kingdom: multicellular with no cell wall = animalia. Phyla: has a backbone = chordate. Class: it’s warm-blooded, has hair and mammary glands = mammalia. Order: only eats meat = carnivore Family: has paws = feline Genera: Panthera (cat) Lions are the second largest member of the feline family. The males weigh about 330-550 pounds and the females weigh about 260-400 pounds. Of all the animals the lion stands tallest at the shoulder. Colors range from light brown to yellowish, reddish or dark ochraceous brown. Lions are the only members to show sexual dimorphism. The males have manes. You can tell the healthier lions by their mane. It’s also used in mating; the female is more attracted to a fuller mane. Both male and female tail ends on a hairy tuft. This is the only animal to have a hairy tufted tail, which conceals a hard spine. The lioness is the hunter and helps protect the pride. She has strong shoulders and can run about fifty-nine kilometers but only in short burst. As with leopards and jaguars, lions stalk their prey and usually hunt in pack. The male rarely hunts, his mane would cause him to overheat. His job is to keep other males away from the pride, if not he will be killed. The lioness brings the food to the pride but the male is most likely to share with the cubs. A pride is made up of five or six related females and one or two males. Lions copulate anywhere from twenty to forty times a day. Once pregnant she is in gestation for about 110 days. Lions spend most of their time resting. They are inactive for about twenty hours a day. They usually peak around dusk that’s when most of the hunting, socializing, grooming and defecating. They spend about fifty minutes eating and two hours walking. Lions live where in dry

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