Lion King Ecology Reinforcement

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Lion King—Ecology Reinforcement Scene 1: Introducing Baby Simba 1. List 3 Biotic Factors from the Lion King introduction. ___________________________________ 2. List 3 Abiotic Factors from the Lion King introduction. __________________________________ 3. The birds riding on the tusks of the elephant feed on insects the elephant stirs up. What kind of symbiotic relationship exists between the two? commensalism/mutualism/parasitism Scene 2: Meeting with Scar 4. Give an example of a population from the movie. _________________________________ 5. Give an example of a community from the movie. _________________________________ Scene 3: Introduction of the Kingdom 6. Mufasa says that when they die, they…show more content…
_____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Scene 6: Hyenas in Darkland & Dance…show more content…
What is wrong with the following statement, “Hyenas are on the bottom of the food chain”? Scene 8: Simba meets Timon and Pumbaa 14. Many different species of insects and worms live together in the same habitat with little competition. How can this happen? _____________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Scene 9: Problems at Pride Rock; Scene 10: Back in the Jungle with Nala Food Chain: Tree leaves ( Beetle ( Wart Hog ( Lion 15. Name all the consumers. ______________________________________________________________ 16. Which organism is the tertiary consumer? ________________________________________________ 17. Which organism is on the 3rd feeding level? ______________________________________________ 18. Which organism would be considered the 1st level carnivore? ________________________________ Scene 13: Scar is Outed 19. How could the nitrogen in Scar’s body eventually end up in the atmosphere? Related Movie Questions 20. During the movie, the water at Pride Rock dries up. Then after it catches on fire, rain falls to replenish the environment, and it becomes a savannah again. What type of succession is this: primary or

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