Lion King Ecological Study Answers Essay

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Lion king Ecological study Pt.1 Austin ball P2 biology 5-15-12 1) Identify a food chain consisting of organisms in the movie. Include at least three total organisms and be sure to identify which organism are the producer, primary consumer and secondary consumer. In addition, state the nutritional modality of the consumers (Is it an herbivore, carnivore, etc.) Grass(producer)--> Antelope(secondary comsumer,herbivore) --> Lion (tertiary comsumer, carnivore) 2) Make a list of as many organisms you can identify that contributed to a balanced ecosystem in and around Pride Rock. Categorize the organisms by their nutritional modality (producer, herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, decomposer). You must have at least fifteen organisms to earn full credit. There are many animals. Here is the list of the carnivores in the movie: elephant,monkey,giraffe,fish,ostrich,hippotamus,rhino,mole,zebra,mouse,deer,grasshopper.Here is the list of the Herbivores in the movie: lion, alligator, South African anteater. 3) Identify three biotic factors and three abiotic factors you witnessed in the movie. The 3 biotic factors are insects (bugs, worms), fishes, and lions. Another 3 abiotic factors are river, desert, and soil 4) During the movie Simba is in three different biomes. Identify the three biomes and describe characteristics of the biome that allowed you to identify it. The first biome is the dessert. That dessert can be the Sahara desert where the temperature in the desert changes dramatically every day. The temperature in the daytime can reach 45 °C/113 °F or higher in the summer, and dip to 0 °C/32°F or lower in the winter. The place also receives almost no precipitation, for example: rain. The water is vaporized even before they managed to reach the ground. Although there may be some oasis, where water from underground is kept in pools or

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