Lion King Analysis: Hero's Journey

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The Lion King takes place in the Pride Lands of Africa and it begins with the celebration of the birth of the future king, a lion cub named Simba, to Mufasa and Sarabi. Mufasa then shows Simba around the Pride Land and discusses the “Circle of Life” while telling him the responsibilities he will have as king someday. Later on, Simba’s jealous uncle Scar entices Simba to visit an elephant graveyard outside the Pride Land. Mufasa soon comes to the rescue of Simba and his friend Nala from hyenas after they sneak off and visit the graveyard. Having failed once, Scar devises another plan to claim the throne. This time he causes a stampede that places Simba’s life in danger and kills his brother by tossing him into the stampede after Mufasa rescues Simba. Scar then convinces Simba to leave the Pride Land and never return and in Simba’s absence he ruins the Pride Land as king, allowing it to be overrun by hyenas. Years later Simba runs into Nala while she is out looking for food and she tries to convince him to come reclaim his throne, despite his newfound carefree lifestyle with his friends Timon and Pumba. Eventually, after Simba and Nala fall in love, and Simba has a vision of his father, Simba returns to the Pride Land with his friends and defeats Scar. In doing so, he saves the Pride Land, claims his rightful place among the Circle of Life, and gives birth to a son that will continue this crucial cycle. One of the most important and symbolic steps in the hero’s journey is when the hero becomes the “Master of Two Worlds”. For Simba, several developments, the key events they lead up to, and the way these events are presented symbolically embody this step and contribute to the inspiring end of this classic movie. While in the jungle, Simba learns the lessons of “Hakuna Matata” and becomes good friends with the kind, loyal, duo, Timon and Pumba. This Simba then dies
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