Linux: Crawling, walking, and sprinting into the future Essay

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Linux: Crawling, walking, and sprinting into the future Linux: Crawling, walking, and sprinting into the future. Christopher M, Johnson Herzing College February 25th, 2008 IS 185- Computer Architecture and Troubleshooting Linux is just one of the many available options for users today in the way of computer operating systems. Whether it is a command line interface or a GUI (Geographical User Interface), a decision between business and personal use? Or even deciding whether or not, to go with a big commercially supported closed source product? Or an open source product that is supported mainly by willing volunteers. One thought should come to mind for a computer user and consumer when deciding on an operating system. The current advancements in computer technology and platforms require that Linux be considered a strong option as an operating system due to its history, technology, availability, and peer support. When you look at Linux in its present state, you look at the product of many dedicated computer users trying to find a better, more powerful way to do things in a cost effective manner, without having another person or company tell them what they can or cannot have or do. This all came about because of one man. Linus Benedict Torvalds was born on December 28, 1969 in Helsinki, Finland. In an article from 2005, by Research Machines plc. “From the age of ten, he began to experiment with computer programming on his grandfather’s Commodore VIC-20”. Linus Torvalds began attending computer science courses at the University of Helsinki in 1988. While there he began using Minix, a UNIX like operating system with the help of a computer using an Intel 386 CPU. Linus then began to develop tools to help with his studies. By 1991 he had created a terminal emulation program to help him connect to the school computers.

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