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1. In Noam Chomsky’s ideal approach to language, that is analyzing an undiversified speaker-hearer environment in the context of native speaker adults, the linguistic competence is one of the two pair distinctions: performance/competence, an area of study in the field of intercultural communication. The linguistic competence represents the ability of a monolingual adult native speaker-hearer to speak and understand language in a grammatically correct manner, using the grammatical rules of a language. Dell Hymes defined the communicative competence reacting against Noam Chomsky’s distinction between competence and performance, including the context of the speakers of a second language, also considering the social factors of a culture’s language. The communicative competence is defined as a learner’s ability to correctly use the grammatical rules, as well as forming correct utterances and using these appropriately. Considering that Noam Chomsky is the founder of the idea of communicating with the understanding of grammatically correct expressions, the linguistic competence is an important concept in analyzing the ability to successfully speaking. However, the approach is more of a textbook analysis and it was not intended to inform pedagogy, but to theorize o linguistic system, whether Hymes’ extension on the concept had developed a theory of education and learning. 2. A pidgin is a simplified language learned as a second language as a mean of communication between two or more groups with regular contact, a need to communicate and an absence of a widespread, accessible interlanguage in situations such as trade. The term derived from a Chinese Pidgin English meaning “business” and it was generalized to refer to any pidgin, with the specification that is not a jargon, a term referring to words particular to a given profession, although linguistics use it as a

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