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anish LingoSpanish essay Description of school My school is called Manchester Academy. It is located in Manchester, England. The school is very big and modern. At the school there are many facilities such as playground, library and canteen (dinner hall). In school there are 100 teachers. They are very kind however some teachers are strict. Subject timings and opinions School starts at 8am and finishes at 4pm. In school I study Maths, Science, English, PE (physical education i.e. sports) and Spanish every day. The lessons last for 1 hour. Also during the day we have a 15 minute break and 1 hour lunch. I like that we get a long lunch break however I think the 15 minute break is too short. My favourite subject is PE because it is very fun. My worst teacher is English because it is boring and the teacher is strict. In my opinion maths is more interesting than science. School in the past In the past my school was very small and old. It did not have many facilities and only had 100 students and 5 teachers. Now it has 1000 students. Lessons used to start and 9am and finish at 3pm. In addition we also did not have to wear any uniform. Uniform Now we have to wear uniform at school which consists of a black suite, with white shirt, blue tie and black shoes. You are not allowed to wear any trainers to school. You are also not allowed to wear jewellery. In my opinion the uniform is terrible. I hate the suite especially. Rules In school you are not allowed to smoke or use your phone in lessons. I don’t like this rule because I like to text my friends on my phone. In my opinion phones should be allowed in school. Ideal School My ideal school would be very big and modern. It would have lots of sports facilities. There would be no rules in school and there would be no uniform as well. Future Plans My school of the future would be very big. It would be located near

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