Lineage of Sin and Death Essay

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Alice S Lineage of Sin and Death Essay Write an essay (750–1,000 words) discussing the nature of sin and how it spread into the world in the earliest era of mankind's history, as recorded in Genesis 3-11. Also, discuss how Christianity has used and/or misused the account of the fall of man. The Bible starts off with God creating the beginning of everything, the beginning of the universe, and the beginning of mankind’s very existence, but because of humans’ sinful nature, sin and darkness is spread throughout the world very early on. When God created Adam and Eve in the beginning in Genesis 2, they lived in the Garden of Eden and were not clothed because they felt no shame since they had never sinned before and had no guilt or anything to hide. Since they had never sinned before, they were considered perfect. “The human pair lived in childlike innocence.” It was only “after the fall of man” that” he became aware of his nakedness and covering became necessary.” (Kuyper, 1947). The fall of man began in Genesis 3 once Eve partook of the fruit on the one tree that God had commanded her and Adam not to. The serpent had lured Eve into partaking of the fruit by telling her that if she did, her eyes would be opened and that she “will be like God, knowing good and evil.” This here, was the first sin when she gave into temptation and bit into the fruit. She then convinced Adam to take some too, and right there was when sin started to spread. Shortly after in Genesis 4, we see that sin is spreading farther when Cain kills his brother Abel. This is only the beginning of the spread. In Genesis 6, we see that the reason why God flooded the Earth was because man had become so wicked that “every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time.” Sin had spread throughout the world and infested in men’s hearts to the point that it made God “grieve that he

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