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Line divisions are divisions directly involved in producing the goods or services that a company produces to sell in the market place. Logistics, Sales, Production and Research and Development are examples of Line divisions. Staff divisions are ones that support and control the the execution of these business activities, but take no direct part in their supply. Human Resources, Marketing, Information Technology and Finance are typical examples of Staff divisions. The terminology comes from the Military. Staff officers being those assigned to HQ to carry out specialised command and control functions of the line. Officers in the line are then trained for more general functions to do with command. Line authority - in which individuals in management positions have the formal power to direct and control immediate subordinates. Staff authority - granted to staff specialists in their areas of expertise. Narrower than line authority and includes the right to advise, recommend, and counsel in the staff specialists' area of expertise. It is a communication relationship with management. It has an influence that derives indirectly from line authority at a higher level. and take a human resource manager as an instance * A HR manager has line authority over the staff of the HR department and staff authority to support , assist , and advise mangers of other Departments in matters related to HR management What’s the difference in a company between “line” and “staff” professionals, and why is that important? First, a brief history. Corporate organization follows the 19th century Prussian Army model. Line soldiers serve on the line of battle, take risks, and get big promotions and decorations if they succeed; or, they die if they fail. Staff troops support the line soldiers, serving behind the lines at less risk. They also get promotions and decorations if they

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